About Us


KAYES trading  is a Saudi Establishment began its journey in the business world in the year 2009.A qualitative vision at KAYES foresaw a unique opportunity in business development that lay ahead alongside the huge economic development in Saudi Arabia.

By End of 2011 Kayes has significantly grown into a multidimensional enterprise possessing knowledge, experience and power to lead business practices in Saudi Arabia.

Kayes are determined to lead in the industry by introducing advanced innovations and technologies, in the fields of:

  1. Civil Protection & Military Supplies Division
  2. Agricultural and Environmental Division
  3. Medical Supplies Division
  4. IT Solutions Division
  5. Real-estate Development Division
  6. Business Consultancy Services Division

Kayes stronghold comes from its team work and its special relations with the biggest vendors and consultants all over the world in our fields which allow us to offer solutions which satisfy the needs of our clients professionally and win their satisfaction

Employees are our real assets, Kayes meticulously recruit them and provide them thorough professional training to serve their jobs with knowledge & professionalism


"To be a pioneer Main key player in the fields of specialties that we work on in the gulf area"



“Leadership in our fields, credibility in our work, satisfaction of our clients“


Our slogan is "We Deliver a Promise, We Deliver a Commitment" which means that we are very keen on committing to hard work and keeping our promises to our customers on the long range


  • To provide the best product, service, solutions and innovative techniques in our work
  • Gaining our customer trust making KAYES their best partner
  • Hiring experience, proficiency, credibility by picking the best choice for our employees and
  • Create a perfect work environment


  • K: Knowledge of changing market needs to keep utmost customer satisfaction.
  • A: Aspiration to establish rapport with the all levels of market and industry.
  • Y: Yielding, fruitful business to all partners.
  • E: Excellence in serving to fullest potential.
  • S: Satisfaction, a positive start to long term relationship and value building with clients.